Actual Travel

Y’all should be proud. This is my first actual travel post in the travel blog I’ve been keeping since three months before I actually started travelling.

Anyway, I’m in Frankfurt. Surprisingly, there were no adventures in getting here, which, since I’m running on about nine hours of sleep in three days, is actually much appreciated. The culprit behind the lack of sleep is partly due to the fact it is physically impossible to get a decent night’s sleep on an airplane, but also partially because the last couple of days before I left were a mad dash to get everything ready to go. I decided to leave my normal computer behind (customized Macbook Pro worth $1400 –  too big for my backpack, heavy, expensive – you get it.) in favour of the little netbook I’m currently writing you on, and this experience has taught me that a. I never want to buy a PC again, and b. patience in the little things is actually turning out to be a lot harder for me to get my head around than patience in the big things. Case in point, this computer has given me nothing but problems since I got it…on the other hand, I have a computer and was able to get it (almost) fully set up before I left. Perspective, I guess.

Back to travel stuff. Like I said, there were no real adventures in getting here. I appreciate that tremendously. Yes, I did have to run through Keflavik to make my connection to Frankfurt and yes, an awkward drunk guy was bothering me a bit on the train between the airport and here, but by the time I got to the plane they had apparently decided to depart a few minutes late and I had several minutes to catch my breath before we took off. That delay helped ensure my pack got here safe and sound. Getting from the airport to the city centre was easy as well, which had been something I was worried about due to the fact I speak zero German – millions of people do this every day, though, so there must be a reason for it.

I found a great hostel less than two blocks from the station from which I’ll be leaving for Warsaw in a day and a half. I’ll remember this place, it’s pretty easy to find.

I’m not feeling particularly philosophical or long-winded at the moment, though, so pardon if this feels short. I’ll write again soon, and my next post will contain some pictures if I can.


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