Submission and success

I hadn’t intended for the next entry in this series to take over a week longer to turn out than I’d said it would, but here we are. I thought I’d skip the dallying at the beginning and just get right into things, so we’ll start by going back to the origin today, to the … Continue reading Submission and success


The gendered side of church networking

Luke is absolutely right that networking in the church is an excellent idea. It’s kind of like being a member of an alumni group at your university—when I was on the phone with my dad about this yesterday, he had his LinkedIn page up and was telling me how he was running across all these … Continue reading The gendered side of church networking

Women and Work: The back story

Sometime about a month ago I remember mentioning that I wasn’t going to write about my job searches. It was true at the time. Since then, however, the whole thing has started to become a bit stifling. An almost offhand comment from my husband yesterday on the way to the gym started me thinking about … Continue reading Women and Work: The back story