A public service announcement concerning the right to binge on Netflix at reasonable connection speeds

Tom Wheeler just put out the FCC’s strongest stance yet on net neutrality, one that, if it clears the vote on February 26th, could potentially reclassify the Internet in the United States as a public utility. This is a big deal. If it passes, there are still a lot of hurdles it will need to clear before it becomes permanent. At the same time, this is something the little people can speak to. This has the potential to affect people directly, tangibly – way more than Obamacare, way more than national budgets, way more than whatever the heck else people are getting up on their political soapboxes about these days.

Vox has a couple of great articles on what all this crap means that are absolutely worth reading.

Click here for Net Neutrality 101.

Click here for Tom Wheeler’s proposal and why it’s important.

I got very excited when I signed into my Tumblr just now and saw that little yellow banner in the sidebar. And yes, I did spam my Congresspeople. I’ll be leaving them voicemails shortly. We joke about stupid things like a nude photo of Kim Kardashian “breaking the internet,” but really, guys…

Click here to do something.

Go team.

Team internet


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