Some things to know about me:

  • I’m from the Pacific Northwest, specifically Oregon. I talk about this a lot.
  • I’m currently exiled to living in the Carolina Piedmont. It’s actually not that bad, but I hate the summers.
  • I am a jack (jill?) of many trades.
  • I like coffee the way some people like wine.
  • I’m an eight on the enneagram, and my Myers-Briggs is INFJ. It’s a weird combination, but it makes sense when you meet me.
  • The simplest ways to describe my politics and religion are “liberal” and “Christian.” I find both of those to be quite reductionistic.

This blog is a repository of my cultural commentary and personal essays. Whatever you read, thank you for listening.



One thought on “About

  1. I’m replying here (I hoped to come to your blog and find an email contact to respond privately to you but no luck!) to thank you for the comments you left on the piece I posted over on Writing 201. I’m kind of floored to see you’re only 21 and devout Christian (I originally read the headline “Submission and Success” and immediately thought you were a writer whose work had finally been published!) Anyway, thanks again for your comments, it was good to see someone out there who “got” my work 🙂

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