Red sky at morning

A question I get asked whenever people find out that I lean politically left (surprise, guys!) is how it is that I can be, politically, a Democrat and also be a Biblical literalist Christian. Candidly, it’s a tricky position to balance. And it’s only made more difficult by the fact more than 90% of my … Continue reading Red sky at morning


Guns and chips (on shoulders)

There comes a point in the collective conscience when one has to wonder when enough is enough. I have been pleasantly surprised by many brothers and sisters in the church as to how they have been expressing grief and sympathy for those killed or otherwise affected by the Orlando shooting on Sunday—that even when we … Continue reading Guns and chips (on shoulders)

From Under the Dome

It was September 2011. In many ways, it was the time that started everything. I was waiting on a call from the State Department. Over to my right was a conference room nearly at capacity. Neither the side door nor the kitchen entrance had been touched for at least two hours. If it had, I'd … Continue reading From Under the Dome

Not according to plan

Three months ago, I wrote what was, to me at least, a gut-wrenching reflection on the reality of the last year or so of my life. To say things have changed since then is both an understatement and a misstatement. Just two short weeks after I published that post, the Lord revealed to me, in … Continue reading Not according to plan

Things I’ve learned in 2015

I haven’t blogged in a while. And to be honest, this isn’t so much of a blog entry as it is a confessional of sorts. Lately, I haven’t felt like I’ve had much to say. That and the fact that 90% of my writing energy has gone toward my book since July have meant my … Continue reading Things I’ve learned in 2015

A simmer and not a roar

This morning, the United States reached a bridgehead on the issue of gay marriage. It was a close vote. But that wasn’t entirely a surprise—though the majority of U.S. citizens now agree that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry, it isn’t that strong a majority. 5-4 is a pretty accurate representation for how the … Continue reading A simmer and not a roar